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  • In winter you can opt for a heavy coat to keep out the chill and wind.  However, heavy coats or jackets can impact your mobility negatively or may not be convenient to wear or your current jacket/coat is not able to provide enough protection ...

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In winter you can opt for a heavy coat to keep out the chill and wind.  However, heavy coats or jackets can impact your mobility negatively or may not be convenient to wear or your current jacket/coat is not able to provide enough protection from the elements.


The solution is to wear a vest underneath helped with their low-profile design,. Not just a ordinary vest – choose a heated vest.  These are rechargeable and use USB power bank to provide enough warm to last hours. You could even just wear the heated vest and dispense with the jacket/coat. 


This battery heated apparel utilizes innovative technology designed to warm the core body temperature. These revolutionary garments feature built-in heating panels and are made with high quality materials and design that provides lightweight warmth, comfort, and versatility. 


The quick-heat function of this product works three times faster. With this immediate warmth production, it successfully ensures your can go able your day to day business in comfort and style. The carbon heating elements make it work effectively and safely.


Power is supplied to the internal heating panels via provided USB cable which connects to a power bank (not supplied). This means the wearer can use their own preferred power bank brands.


This is a great high quality outdoor jacket suitable for men and women. It incorporates natural cotton lining for added warmth, unlike cheaper brands this apparel is also waterproof, and windproof as well offers thermal insulation. Furthermore it offers 3 power settings and long heating duration (dependant on power bank used).


Many people find it can aid their work by making cold weather activities much more manageable. Regardless of your age, you can get benefits from the comfort of a heated vest. They can protect you from cold weather conditions and can be stored & cleaned easily.


It’s been designed to deliver hours of heat and comfort. Hence, allows you to stay warming and enjoy outdoor winter activities longer than ever before.


This is a great piece of winter wear is not only suitable for leisure but is equally beneficial in work environments such warehouse workers to outdoor event security. To summarise it’s ideal:-


For Work

·       Where people undertake tasks at night such as professional astronomers that tend to spend entire nights in high, cold observatories, heated suits could allow them to concentrate on observing rather than shivering. If you think that sounds trivial, it isn't.

·       Where performance and effectiveness are highly important such as security personnel, law enforcement or military or other emergency services

·       Where a persons works mostly or exclusively outdoors such as postal delivery, forestry workers, stewards overseeing crowd control , this heated jacket will aid in making them perform tasks at a more comfortable level

·       Additionally, in cold environments the jacket can help keep the body warm and help lesson chances of flues/colds etc.

·       When it’s important to be able to operate equipment in serve or cold environments.  When a person’s body is cold, it's hard to use your hands and feet (to run machinery/controls) and also can be harder to concentrate for long periods.



For Leisure

·       Make hiking in winter / chilly climates or weather more enjoyable

·       Help keep comfort level and concentration  when fishing for long periods in autumn(fall) seasons

·       Improve effectiveness in doing gardening/ DIY in chilly/windy outdoors or in the garden especially in northern climates

·       Taking your pet canine out for walks in windy/rainy weather

·       Keep body warm while clearing the snow away from driveway or garden paths etc

·       Extend snowboarding/skiing trips/treks in high wind chill factor weather

·       Improve staying power and strength when out hunting game in cold northern climates or in wintery conditions



For Health

·       For people who find  aircon in offices, supermarkets etc that are uncomfortably cold for them

·       By helping to keep elderly body warm, aid them when going out in chilly climates less unpleasant,  

·       Older individuals are particularly susceptible to cold weather because they have less body fat, less efficient circulation and a slower metabolism. A senior can even become hypothermic while indoors.

·       Older adults can also lose body heat fast—faster than when they were young. This well crafted jacket has 3 settings to help control temperature

·       For the elderly even being in a very cold house or apartment, can lead hypothermia. Hence, importance of this wonderful jacket

·       Hypothermia can also make suffers less aware of their surroundings and situations thus more likely to lead to serious states

·       For people who are unwell/sick keeping warm could be important factor to stop becoming worse

·       Diabetes condition, can keep blood from flowing normally to provide warmth.

·       Parkinson's disease and arthritis can make it hard to put on more clothes, use a blanket, or get out of the cold. In addition, the cold can make it more difficult to use hands effectively

·       Taking some medicines and not being active also can affect body heat. These include medicines that can be obtained from doctors and those bought over-the-counter, such as some cold medicines.  




·       Helps keep your front torso and pocket area warm

·       Helps keep back (spine area) warm

·       Fast warm up time i.e. approximately 5 seconds

·       Long duration heating function (depending on power bank used)

·       Is waterproof/windproof/wearproof

·       Suitable for men and women

·       Comes with lightweight insulation

·       Comes in stylish design and vibrant colours

·       Can be cleaned in washing machine

·       Uses a suitable power bank and not a proprietary battery pack like some other brands hence offers owners more flexible options.

·       Simply use a standard USB charging wall plug/adapter to connect to your power bank

·       Designed to be lightweight to wear

·       Has a convenient front button to set 3 temperature modes and to turn the heating on/off.



·       Available in 6 sizes (Medium – 3XL) 

·       Available in 2 colour: black& grey

·       Front and back heating positions

·       Uses 5V/2Amp power bank

·       Average heating duration

·       Material: Nylon/Cotton lining

·       Waterproof

·       Water-repellent

·       Windproof

·       Fast heating approximately 3-5 seconds from switch on

·       3 temperature mode settings (25-35 degrees celsius, 35-45 degrees celsius & 45-55 degrees celsius)




·       Nylon

·       Lining: polyester/cotton

·       Neoprene carbon fiber



Delivered Item

1 x   heated vest (no power bank supplied)






The following are useful tips to help you get the most of your heated jacket and help ensure long life.

·       Do not plug into main supply as the jacket is only designed to operate with a power bank

·       If not using for extended periods then please disconnect the power bank and store the items away

·       If the interior of the jacket becomes wet, disconnect the power bank for safety

·       The heating duration will depend on the power rating of the power bank and also the heating mode selected




Product Care

The following are useful tips to help you care and get the most of your heated jacket and help ensure long life.

·       Do not clean in very hot water

·       Do not clean in acidic detergent solutions

·       Recommended to hand wash


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